Greenhouse Division

Thank you for visiting our Greenhouse Division.

In the Greenhouse Division of DeGoede Bulb Farms we offer a wide variety of Potted Flowering Plants, Hanging Baskets, Container Perennials, Liners and Plugs. We service Brokers, Distributors, Chain Stores, Independent Garden Centers, Florists and Fund Raisers. Our Retail Ready finished product is delivered year round from Bellingham Washington down as far as Eugene Oregon along the I-5 corridor, west to the Olympic Peninsula and east to the Yakima/Ellensburg areas. Brokers and distributors selling our Perennial Liners and Plugs are located throughout the United States and Canada.

Our diversity in potted plants, hanging baskets and starter plants gives our company many advantages in servicing a wide range of customers, balancing our product line and maintaining steady employment for our dedicated staff of skilled and well trained employees who are the greatest asset we have here at our Retail, Farm and Greenhouse operation.

If you are interested in a list and pricing of finished Retail Ready plants or a list of Brokers and Distributors for our perennial plugs we can be contacted at- Phone - 360-983-3773 ext. 232 or 222 Fax - 360-983-3875 Email - or